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Anya Braxley
Born in United States
21 years
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Christina Ledford
Wow Memories of me and michelle there are so many. I do remember one time me and michelle and becky was all staying the night at beckys house having fun. we had decided to play bloody mary and of course we was all young and we played it and nothing happened but we were so scared cause we kept hearing noises outside and we was all like thinking it was something coming to get us i look back now and laugh about how scared we was but we was together and that was all that mattered. The other memory i have was when i stayed at her house with her just hanging out and having fun with each other, you know we used to tell everyone that we was cousins and we was by marriage but even though we wasn't any longer we still thought of each other as family no matter what she is still my cousin and always will be I Love You and Miss you My Cousin
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