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Anya Braxley
Born in United States
21 years
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This memorial website was created in loving memory of our beautiful Angel,  Anya Michelle Braxley, who was born in United States, Milledgeville on May 29, 1980 and went to dance with the angels in Heaven on May 14, 2002 at the age of 21. 









Michelle loved to smile, loved to laugh and have a good time.  She had so many things that she wanted to do.  She wanted to learn to play the guitar, hang out with her friends again, go back to college and raise her little 2-year-old daughter, Briana.









Michelle and Briana had moved back home, finally leaving an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.  She had been home for three months and had decided that she wasn't going back to him.  She was going to finally live a happy life with her lil girl.  The afternoon after Mother's Day she went to town but never came back home.  We went looking for her and found her at her ex-boyfriend's house.  He had shot and killed her and then himself.  We believe that he had talked her into coming over since it was Mother's Day, and she didn't think that he would hurt her again, so she went.  We thank God every day that Briana stayed home with me or we would have lost her that night too along with her beautiful mom.







Michelle is loved and missed every day by so many.  She was our beautiful butterfly who loved everyone and everything.  She could brighten up a room just by walking in, she could make you laugh no matter how down you were, she was there to help you any time you needed her.  Sometimes I still look at the door thinking that she's going to come fluttering in bubbling over about the day she had, but then I remember and my heart breaks all over again.







                                  Darling Michelle

          You are with us in our hearts and dreams always.  

                    We think of you each and every day. 

              Have fun dancing and playing with the angels, 

                              our beautiful butterfly.


                 Missing and Loving you forever and ever,

                       Mom, Tony, Briana and Kadence
























       Michelle and her little brother, Tony






                            Best Friends Forever

 Michelle with her little brother, Tony.  They were best buddies, always there for each other, always looking out for each other. 





























































Our angel Michelle with Uncle Terry, who joined her in Heaven a year later.   He was our big teddy bear.   We miss them both so very, very much.  Now they are dancing in Heaven together, having a grand ole time.